calypte 15th March

This constant tired lack of energy is starting to wear on my mood. Urgh! Really not sure what I can do apart from wait it out, and do what I can in the meantime. Starting with earlier nights: I am not helping myself getting the light turned off so late, so make that goal number one!

I felt reasonably chuffed with what I managed yesterday, from soup-making (easy one!) to two reviews, laundry and getting some stuff watched off the tivo. I also tried to shift my mood with a little self-pampering, so toenails are a fetching shade of violet 😉

Thought I might head out today, but am still weary – and the movie I was considering is still on next week, so no rush! Have started rearranging the rest of the week, though, so I do have something ‘on’ tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday, so I can’t just vegetate forever! 🙂

Trying to think in project-terms, so there’s the coding, the self-care, and the pre-move – looking at my book collection at the moment, trying to see if there’s anything I can bear to let go o_O


  • meditation / morning pages / neck exercises / stretches / more meditation (binaural beats week!)
  • start Djinn review – short story collections are awkward!
  • wee bit coding
  • phone dad
  • respond re Saturday
  • watch something
  • early night!!

Anything else is entirely dependent on how I’m feeling.


Comments on: "calypte 15th March" (3)

  1. It sounds like you’re feeling well enough to want to do stuff but not well enough to do a lot. In some ways that can be the toughest part of healing!

  2. Hope you get your energy back soon and that your activities over the next few days are nurturing.

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