calypte 14th March

I continue to push my activity levels, and it all continues to push back. Hard not to worry about my thyroid function being permanently damaged (the whole point of 2 surgeries being to avoid thyroxine dependence) but trying to tell myself that it’s early days yet, and while I’m still exhausting easily I think things are improving. I also don’t seem to be quite so freezing at times, so will try to take that as a positive sign!

Of course, I really did not help myself at the weekend by joining in with the usual up-very-late celebrations! Was a fun evening, though, and sm was super-happy which was the main thing. I ended up staying an extra day, though, as just felt so broken on Sunday it was easier to sit still and nap there!

Yesterday I managed a bit of a walk through the shops and got my groceries done. I then amazed myself by managing along to tai chi and, thanks to an easier class than last week, didn’t sit any of it out. So, big relief that today gets to be a quiet, recuperative one! 😉 I will, however, try to meander out a little each day for the rest of the week, keep building my stamina and hopefully not be off work for too much longer o_O

Today’s indoorness does involve as many chores as possible, though:

  • meditation / morning pages / neck stretches / stretches / more meditation
  • laundry
  • handwash delicates
  • make soup – spicy parsnip
  • pay cc
  • TCB cash in – weee! 🙂
  • meerkat movies renewal?
  • cards?
  • wee bit o’code
  • review something
  • finish reading The Djinn Falls in Love
  • detroll
  • use new cuticle oil – want to make this a habit
  • watch something
  • earlier night, routine is all off!

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  1. It does seem as if you’re doing quite a lot, so it’s not surprising that you’re feeling tired. Remember, that your body is also healing in the background, and that takes a lot of its resources.

    • Thanks, wren. I need to hear common sense from others sometimes, as otherwise – well, you read all of the ‘back to work/running marathons/climbing mountains in 2 weeks’ stuff, and it’s… concerning! o_O

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