Had a restful weekend, a great night out on Saturday and quiet day yesterday reading and writing. Feeling ready for the week ahead and I only have two days of work before taking Wednesday off as am going to see Kinky Boots with my mother for the second time.

I’ve been reading a book called the Productivity Ninja which I’m enjoying, particularly the funny illustrations involving paperclips and the like. So far it seems I already do most of the things he suggests, but one thing I hadn’t thought so much about was finding the times of day when you are at your best (this is on an hour by hour level, not just “I’m a morning person”), saving the most difficult work for then and doing the less demanding stuff during periods of slump. Think I’ll try to pay more attention to that in future.

This evening Z and I are going to see Certain Women, which I’m looking forward to. I suspect it’s a film that will be better at the cinema and am glad Z was willing to come and see it with me 🙂

  • STLs
  • amendments to minutes
  • where are we with VAT?
  • Bankline form
  • minutes for club
  • get cracking on big pile of checking (save for slump period!)
  • cinema with Z

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