Up early today as the delayed committee meeting has been rescheduled to this morning. I wonder if anyone else will remember?

There is still so much to get done over the next couple of weeks, and things keep coming out of the woodwork, but I had some good news yesterday that we can keep our old bank account open for a few months which is very helpful and solves quite a few of my problems.

I’ve had some intermittent stomach cramps for the past few days which hasn’t been great. Not sure if its anxiety or something I picked up when I was in Wales – someone there had a cold and at one point had an upset stomach, I think. Hopefully it will go away soon!

  • committee
  • STLs
  • deal with emails
  • email Nick
  • send accounts to surveyor bloke
  • letters to residents
  • crack on with VAT schedules and letter to HMRC – would really like to get this done today
  • get birthday card for Mum
  • food shopping
  • quiet night relaxing – have yet more home admin to do but then will do some reading, I think

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Thurs 9th March" (1)

  1. I hope your day is stomach cramp free!

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