calypte 9th March

Birthday (not mine!) celebrations went well yesterday, although I was absolutely exhausted. Declaring today a quiet day, even though the sun is shining temptingly, and it’s the last chance to catch one of the movies I fancy at the cinema – I’m out for chunks of tomorrow (hospital appt with last year’s surgeon, Friday night cinema with food planned first), and heading home for yet more bday celebrations on Saturday, so sensible head says stay in and rest today!

I do fancy trying another card. Took me forever to overcome procrastination over the birthday card on Tuesday, but in the end it was all good: watched some useful youtube videos, managed to feel a bit happier with my die cut machine again, and – it got done! Here’s a pic:

bday card

You can just see a hint of the embossing on the top left of the gold, that’s all over the die/emboss bit. It’s far from perfect, but for a first effort in ages, I’m quite happy πŸ™‚ And thinking it might be good to maintain the momentum… πŸ˜‰ I’m also in a want-to-declutter phase (due to the move – so exciting still, talking about that yesterday!) that is also translating a bit into ‘use it up’ – craft stash, toiletries, stuff out of freezer, etc.

On to today…

  • email re yoga
  • handwash delicates
  • bleach washing machine
  • laundry – whites load (today or tomorrow)
  • use remaining salad stuff, if okay
  • pay cc / set up new payee
  • look into fixed energy tariff
  • put appointment letter/card in bag for tomorrow
  • do something from to-review stack: Lego Batman, No 1 Ladies’ Detective, Orcus
  • use Β£3 Google Books credit!Β – phew, thought I’d missed it o_O
  • paint toenails?
  • detroll
  • watch something!
  • phone call πŸ˜€
  • earlier night

Comments on: "calypte 9th March" (3)

  1. Wow, that’s a gorgeous card! I’m impressed! Do you use a stencil for the pattern, or do you hand draw it…or something else?

    • Thanks, wren πŸ™‚ It’s a metal die that I bought. It was a bit of an experiment – I had to run it through the machine once to cut out the words, etc, and then use different ‘sandwich’ elements to impress the raised pattern.

  2. The card is lovely! It would definitely be good to maintain the momentum πŸ™‚

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