T’s 8th March

Hi guys! gorgeous morning here, glimpses of spring around already.

Sorry, long time no see, my fault. As usual, I’ve read your posts, late in the day. It’s always so great to read about your progress and how you all face what life throws at you. This year I am experimenting with spending most of my days off line and it’s going great, except for the fact that I don’t come around here much. Missing you all! Ever heard of the Monk-Mode-Mornings? http://calnewport.com/blog/2017/02/24/the-rise-of-the-monk-mode-morning/ Of course, now that I am not teaching and have all the time to focus on research, I can afford to do this. Still thinking how to incorporate a way to post here regularly though…

Actually making the best use of such unstructured time day after day hasn’t been straightforward or easy. There is not much advice out there focusing on big projects to be developed in a lot of unstructured time. Here are a couple of systems that focus on that, in case you might find them helpful for your big, long-term projects:

I’m going to start using the storyline productivity schedule this week.

By the way, happy women’s day to you all (ok, women’s day never fails to enrage me, year after year, because of course we should be valued and praised and not be taken for granted every single day of the year, but you know what I mean, or I hope so).

Today I’m in worktown and the day is packed with meetings and office hours, so, I’m unlikely to get much meaningful done… will do my best to tackle the following small chores in the snippets of time:

  • talk to secretary about  approval for invited lecture
  • prepare for Skype call with colleague
  •  print out forms and fill them
  • emails
  • gym
  • Skype call with S.



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  1. Welcome back! Glimpses of spring here too – lovely purple crocuses in Tavistock Square.

    I hadn’t come across the Monk Mode Morning, thanks for the link. It sounds like a very good system for those who are in control of their own time and working on big projects. Filed away for future reference 🙂

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