calypte 7th March

Managed along to tai chi last night, and while I sat out the second half of the class (which was fine!) it was really nice to see everyone and get such a warm welcome – just after I’d been telling sm that I didn’t feel quite so much of the group, being younger. Hah! I’m looking forward to my new Monday routine, when things are settled down again, of leaving work a little late on Mondays and indulging in either a food-with-Priorities-offer or a sit-and-write in coffee shop, ahead of the class. Sounds bliss!

Definitely the thought of the move filling my head with the joy of newness and the possibility of change! I’ve now got a pretty-shots-of-flat photographer lined up, for when I’ve decluttered, and sm was very happy to volunteer to come view prospective places with me 🙂 I’m starting to wonder about an appointment with my mortgage provided – maybe a bit soon for that, although as I could probably do with a chat about the current one anyway…! 😀

Speaking of appointments, I’m also wondering about going to the GP next week. I am concerned that my thryoid function is very low – my energy levels, coldness, etc, do seem to point at that. I’m not due back at the hospital for the tests until the end of the month, but that leaves me in a tricky place work-wise. So, hmm.

That niggle aside, I woke up with a largely plan-free day other than enjoying playing with card making (rephrase! LOL!) and pottering away. And it already feels like a win that I’m up and dressed, tbh! 😉

  • meditation / morning pages / stretches
  • yummy lunch: chicken and leek pie, potato croquettes, roast veggies and sprouts
  • card! – wooooo! :):):)
  • mock up/print a gift card
  • wrap sm’s presents
  • look to use the £3 Google book offer
  • maybe a teenie bit of code?
  • possibly start Orcus review
  • portion/freeze the remaining chilli, if there’s room (ooh – possibly a bigger freezer in new place?!)
  • find room for steak pie / croquettes?
  • dishes


  • ty card x2
  • laundry
  • sweet potato chilli -> AJJ

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  1. I hope you have a super fun and festive card-making celebration!

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