Back in London now after an interesting week away. The house was lovely and there was one big room upstairs where there were about 8 sofas so a group of us tended to work in there each day and it was a nice atmosphere, especially after we got the heating working on day 2 🙂 The internet connection was intermittent but in some ways I liked that, fewer distractions and certainly no Netflix this time…

The woman who organised it was one of my fellow-retreaters last year and she did a fantastic job, but unfortunately one of the other people from last year was there too, who  was quite argumentative. I’d hoped she wouldn’t be going on this one but when I found out she was, decided to keep my head down and avoid her as much as possible. But she was possibly even worse this time, picking arguments over nothing (others agreed with me, fortunately) and I don’t think she’s going to be invited back!

I managed to pick up a cold from someone else on Saturday evening which knocked out a couple of days, but still managed to get 11,000 words written so the novel is off to a good start. And I was lucky enough to be given a lift back to Reading on Saturday (in a very squashed car!) which meant that I didn’t have to spend three hours on a train with the argumentative one, which was a massive relief.

Anyway, I suspect there might be more of these things happening in future – the organiser is hoping she might be able to turn it into a business at some point, which is quite feasible I think, as the rate we paid for the house was quite low at this time of year, but good weather etc. doesn’t matter if you’re inside writing.

Back to work today but feeling all right about it.

  • clear up carnage
  • STLs
  • emails
  • trustees coming to sign things
  • where are we with the minutes?
  • where are we with the VAT situation?
  • deal with some home admin
  • catch up on Homeland
  • continue reading “The Ashes of London” by Andrew Taylor, which is very gripping

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Mon 6th March" (4)

  1. Welcome back! 11,000 words is quite an accomplishment, especially considering the argumentative woman and the cold. Well done!

  2. Congrats on the 11K! What a shame about the woman – but as you say, hopefully you can keep attending these and not invite her again! Definitely an inspiration 🙂

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