calypte 6th March

Another quiet weekend here. Managed to the cinema on Friday (Logan – very good!), so Saturday was my day to chill and then Sunday I ended up feeling really weary and not like doing anything much at all. So, still no cards – argh!!

One thing I have been doing, though, is… planning a move! Wooo!! Not exactly the best timing, but I find I am soooo keen to have a new home, away from the niggles of here, and a fresh start. Plus, I’ve just outgrown this flat – not in terms of space (one of the difficulties, in fact, is finding somewhere that isn’t smaller than here!), but just niceness of area that I can afford, etc. I’m also reaching that point where I’d have to think about spending money on the place (new kitchen?) and it feels like I might as well throw that at a new place! 🙂

So as well as browsing the ESPC (Edinburgh property website), last night I was looking at financial stuff, and was delighted to find my budget a fair bit higher than I was expecting. So, the wee house I fell in love with (and which will be gone long before I’d be ready anyway!) actually turned out to be affordable… ooh! 🙂

Obviously I’m not looking to do this before I’ve recovered from surgery 2, but still exciting to daydream! And I’ll have to get a lot of stuff researched and organised beforehand, like: sell first or juggle them closer together?, declutter massively (before the photos!), and decide if I do want a little house which pushes me still at the city periphery, or another flat which could be more central (part of a big list of pros/cons!). Overall: squeee!

Okay, exhausting just typing that o_O Will not be rushing this! I am hoping to get to tai chi tonight, although a little short on sleep and my neck is a bit more stiff than it has been, so, hmm! Figure this is the most-gentle actual exercise to get stuck into, though, so should make the effort at some point. Sigh.

Tomorrow will have to be card(s). Sigh. Wednesday is the birthday, and then there’s a secondary celebration at the weekend, so I figure the in-between days might best be scheduled for rest.


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  1. That’s very exciting about a possible move, that’s a big deal! It’s fun looking at property websites 🙂 Hope you can catch up on your sleep and good plan to factor in plenty of rest.

  2. What an exciting decision you’ve made! I hope you enjoy the process and settle on a place that’s just right for you. Preferably on with a good, sturdy roof!

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