calypte 3rd March

Got a lot done yesterday, albeit taxing my energy levels – all good, need the slow build up! Had lunch with my dad, used a few offers, asked the pharmacist about when I should start using moisturiser on my new scar (not yet!), and treated myself to some nice food from M&S – my fridge is packed to the gunnels, which I love, but now the challenge is to eat it all!

I didn’t help with that by making a sweet potato chilli, based on this recipe and the version of it a friend cooked for us last month. Oy, but it was delicious!! My minor tweaks will be on AppleJellyJam as soon as I can, honest 🙂

I also got my bullet journal March calendar/habit tracker done:


It’s pretty simple (and a terrible photo!), but my hope is to keep doodling and slowly improve as time goes on – some of the online versions are *stunning*. That consistency is my new aim right now, on creative stuff and learning and exercise. Just, stick with stuff long enough to see results rather than my usual chop’n’change and constant starting over again! Hence the habit tracker – you can’t read it in the photo, but my categories are: meditation, morning pages, creativity (writing or cards or zentangle or doodling – I’m keeping things broad and ‘easy’ as I start out!), move (ie exercise – again, building up), and learn. Trying for a good spread, but without piling on the pressure. Feeling good about it, so here’s hoping my usual ‘meh’ doesn’t overtake the month!! o_O

Today is a slightly calmer-planned day than yesterday in terms of doing. Hoping to have enough energy to join my Friday Night Cinema buddies for Logan.

Weekend plans must include cards! 😀


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  1. It’s nice to see that you are making good use of your down time. 🙂

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