3/2/17 ftf, wren

After meeting with the oncologist, we’ve decided that I’ll go through a course of radiation treatment.  The next step is to meet with the radiologist to discuss a more specific plan.  That happens a week from Friday.  I’ve been feeling quite depressed lately, and the doc told me this is very common after a radical hysterectomy, often because of  hormonal changes, so he prescribed an antidepressant medicine, and we’ll see how that goes.  The nurse also gave me a brochure explaining all sorts of services that are available to me because I am a cancer patient.  A lot of them are very interesting to me, such as art therapy and writing workshops at no cost and low-cost massage.  I’m finding it difficult to feel that I really deserve to make use of the services, though.  I keep thinking that I’m not really a “cancer survivor” and there are lots of people who have had/are having a much more difficult time of it than I am.

Work was overwhelming yesterday, with people (especially the boss) continually coming at me wanting one thing after another.  When the boss came to me with one more thing to do, I finally told him, “Look, I have this, this, this, this and this to do.  Given all those things, where should this new task go in priority?”  He then realized that someone else could do what he wanted, thank goodness.  I think he will be out of the office all day today, so I am looking forward to that.  I’m once again aiming to complete five things from my work list and leaving after six hours.



snow walk with dogs

healthy lunch

gentle exercise

work day


PAMS payroll

Daniels draft

Kevin DSS


PAMS payment

Crenezumab – e Proposal

Janssen – e Proposal

update PAMS IBS

p card reallocation

print budget as is and then work on “enhanced” budget

take another look at budget

Eisai – e Proposal

post INS jobs

phone job candidate

PAMS report (3/31)

Daniels financials

VP approval for Troy’s salary increase

figure out mystery phone bills

p card documentation

Crenezumab – budget review & negotiate

Janssen – budget review & negotiate

Eisai – budget review & negotiate

Roche Final Invoice (due before 7/21)

fraud, waste & abuse training (due 3/31/17)

HIPAA (3/31/17)

start Suven uTRAC

op indicators

faculty income vs salary report

fourth quarter nursing reconciliation & transfer

updated FFR (4/1)

review Amaranth amendment

complete first RATS class

investigate possible classes for PAMS

after work


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  1. Aw, wren! Grab those opportunities with both hands!! Would it help if I tell you that I also felt undeserving of such ‘benefits’ – me, after three separate diagnoses and treatments, still didn’t feel they were for ‘people like me’!? I think most folk feel like that – don’t let it stop you!

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