calypte 1st March

Happy new month, everyone! I’ve always thought of March as being a ‘better’ new year than cold, dark January – and let’s face it, the month names (‘Sept’, ‘Oct’, etc) align with Feb being month 12, so..! 😀

First day back by myself went fine yesterday, albeit quite exhausting. I probably haven’t done myself any favours taking it quite so slow over the past 2 weeks, but I can but press on. I got a lot done yesterday, more through not really being able to just sit (although I watched screeds of tv, too!) without thinking “Oh, I should…” – so, balance to be found today!

List hasn’t changed from yesterday, really, but the main aim of today will be getting my March BuJo spread done with the habit tracker, which ties nicely with the want to make today a bit of a creative day. I’m fed up of always pushing back on things I *want* to do, so that ‘fresh start’ feeling starts today!


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  1. I finally figured out what BuJo meant. Ha! Glad to hear that your first day back home was a good one. 🙂

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