calypte 28th February

Whoosh there goes another month! At least the blog banner is back to being relevant – oops! 😉 We really should be a bit more organised with that! Who has access rights? Can we share them further?

Anyway. Lovely as it was at my dad’s (and so sweet of sm to basically ask me stay a bit longer – aw!!) it’s kind of nice to be back in my own space, and undoubtedly a bit essential to the idea of building up more activity – and that’s just making my own cups of tea 😉

After yesterday’s massive brain dump list, the challenge now is to keep pushing just very very gently to get a little bit done without any overwhelm. Prioritisation – or, first things first! 😉

  • meditation
  • stretches – neck and usual
  • laundry
  • meter readings
  • pay cc
  • move money to new a/c
  • finish/post Elementary, She Read review
  • work on L.E.T.S. blog post
  • meal plan for week
  • prep salad
  • watch something off oh-so-full-again Tivo! (nb: monotask!!)

Today or tomorrow:

  • March BuJo layout
  • make sweet potato chilli – new recipe, been jonesing for some cooking! 🙂
  • bath
  • paint toenails
  • start on some cards – birthdays, thank yous, just experimenting 🙂
  • finish reading Frogkisser!

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  1. Welcome home! I’m with you on the blog banner. I don’t have rights, though. I think Moose and SL have the power. 🙂

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