calypte 27th February

Another delay (just too comfortable!), but heading home today, via the supermarket which will be my first ‘outing’ since the op (probably didn’t need to leave it so long, more circumstantial than anything). Got a shopping list crammed full of healthy things, although I don’t expect to be doing too much cooking over the next while. Still, just being back in my own space and on my own should decrease the amount of out-and-out vegetation, if only because I’ll have to make my own tea 😉

My to dos are thus really only that and keeping my fingers crossed that my flat is still standing after a week and a half (one of my irrational fears is always about going back to some disaster after being away even for a little bit!), and probably crashing out very early after the unfamiliar level of activity.

However, been doing a lot of plotting and planning over the past few days, and with the return home, start of the new month (and I like to class March as the real ‘new’ year!), and start of Lent all hitting, I do have a list of ‘intentions’ for the next little while, especially as I try to battle inertia, rebuild good habits, and make the most of the remaining time off work. So:

  • L.E.T.S. blog post – my new ‘scheme’ for productivity etc, quite pleased with the acronym, so going for a March ‘launch’ LOL!
  • Creativity – challenging myself to do something creative every day, especially with the time off. Been going well so far: couple of days doodling in my bullet journal, and yesterday did a new zentangle pattern sample – more of this! Lots of options under this heading:
    • cards – birthday coming up, and just the general want to experiment more and enjoy it. As an aside: setting up LittleFrogCards?
    • watch some videos/trials on the die cutting – have this feeling that while I’m managing, I’m doing something ‘wrong’, and would like to fix that and be more confident just using the machine
    • zentangle
    • BuJo – March set up, with loads of doodling – monthly themes and colour schemes! Also want to draw up the habit tracker for all of the stuff on this mega-list O_o
    • writing – done nothing of late, which is a shame
    • graphics tablet – thought I might do more of that over the past week, but perhaps the ‘audience’ has been off-putting. Still want to do some proper experiments/learning!
    • paint! Bought myself some, want it used before it dries up 😉
  • Exercise – obviously quite cautious at the moment, but keep up the stretches (neck and more general) and look to build up
  • Healthy eating – oh yes! o_O Soups, salads, and looking for healthful recipes of late. Starting, I think, with a sweet potato chilli recipe I have bookmarked (and: AppleJellyJam it all!)
  • Learning! – definitely more coding. Maybe go back to Duolingo – I’m always ambivalent about that, as it’s fun/easy, but perhaps not the most useful?
  • Meditation – sort of dropped off post-surgery, for no good reason. Time to get back to it!
  • Reviews – again, doing pretty well with these/Netgalley, so keep it up! 🙂
  • Cinema – pleased to see the movies I thought I would have missed are still on, so perhaps building up my ‘going out’ might include a trip or two?
  • Viewing – I’ve really enjoyed my binge-watching, but more: mono-tasking by actually watching rather than doing six things at once – sounds like a daft ‘goal’ to watch more tv, but it’s not mindless, and done right is both inspiration and relaxation
  • Organisation
    • keep the spare room clear – especially with all of those creative aims!
    • shoe audit – photos, too
    • wardrobe stock take – ‘found’ a dressing gown last month that I’d put away for the summer season, but a couple of years ago o_O Think I would benefit from going through what I have!
  • Try new stuff: one of my favourite quotes of late has been something about comfort zones being lovely, but nothing grows in them – so, challenging myself to keep up some gentle excursions out of my CZ, even if it’s just wearing a bit different, eating something new, etc.

Hah! This isn’t a to do list, just a brain dump, but nice to occasionally look at the ridiculous amount of things I want to be doing and see how to motivate myself. Which is where LETS comes in – will let you all know about it soon 😉


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  1. I’m glad you’re back in your own place. Sometimes when I’ve been away from home for a while, I have a flash of returning to find everything gone. I wonder where this stuff comes from?

    How long will you be away from work?

    • Me too. Was lovely at my dad’s, but I need to start building up more ‘doing’! Still not 100% sure on my return date, although I had told them 4 weeks – slightly depends on how my energy levels improve, which will depend on whether it’s just post-surgery need to build up or my thyroid function being damage – bit of a wait and see! Thankfully they’re being superb, as ever, so I don’t have to worry yet about carrying my laptop with a stiff neck!

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