SL’s FTF, Fri 24th Feb

Had a very productive day yesterday and got 10 pages of minutes written (I wonder what the word count is!) but at the expense of the Mountain of Crap which is piling up in the meantime. Three meetings today and the dentist before that…

But tomorrow I’m off to Wales for a week and looking forward to a change of scene, meeting new people and getting some writing done. Have a good week, everyone.

  • clear up carnage
  • dentist
  • STLs
  • talk to A about emails and invoice
  • write and send out letters to residents
  • sign contract for needy fundholder
  • am sure there is another email I need to deal with
  • meeting with bank manager 1
  • talk to P about Gift Aid
  • logo designer is coming in for a chat – we’ve got chief to agree we can have a new logo for the new charity, which is excellent news as Z and I hate out current logo but have  had to put up with it for the past ten years!
  • deal with bank form 2
  • let Z know what needs to be done while I’m away
  • put that out of office reply on and get the hell out of there! 🙂
  • dinner with G



Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Fri 24th Feb" (1)

  1. Ten pages of minutes – holy mackerel! Your minutes must be 100 times more meticulous than mine!

    I hope you have a fun and memorable holiday!

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