SL’s FTF, Tues 14th Feb

Today is the big day and I didn’t get a chance to get ready yesterday, so that’s this morning’s main task. Fortunately the hospital’s chairman and new chief exec aren’t arriving at the meeting until after I’ve done my bit, which is good news as I feel more relaxed presenting my reports without them sitting there.

I’m reading this Icelandic novel but not really enjoying it. So far there are three different plot strands and they all seem to consist of weird stuff happening and general creepiness. Oh well, I’ll probably finish reading it but it makes me long for another cheery book (which is what I’m planning to write myself…)

  • get head in the right place, power pose etc 🙂
  • STLs
  • prep what am going to say
  • crack on with anything else on the list
  • bank manager arriving to get trustee ID
  • meeting!
  • get enormous bank form (28 pages ffs!) signed at the end
  • clear up meeting room – what a glamorous job Z and I have!
  • food shopping
  • come home and collapse

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