calypte 14th February

Last check in for a wee while, I guess! And sending good thoughts out to wren!

I think I’m doing okay. Keeping myself busy getting organised seems for the best, so hurrah for being a last-minute kind of a person 😉 Soup is cooking, bunch of reviews are done ready for scheduling over the next 2 weeks (!), packing piles are taking shape.

  • schedule all the reviews over next fortnight
  • make soup
  • go for a walk?2 miles, with a brownie at the end of it 🙂 So de-stressing – need to do more of this!
  • laundry
  • handwash delicates
  • any more books to put onto kindle?
  • detroll
  • remove nailvarnish
  • last read of pre-op notes – stop eating by midnight, glass of water before 6:30am, etc
  • list for dad to do/take tomorrow
  • charge phone, kindle, charger!
  • PACK!
  • set alarm for 6am
  • relax as best can: watch something, read, etc
  • as early a night as I can manage, I guess o_O

Comments on: "calypte 14th February" (1)

  1. Hope it all goes as well as possible!

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