calypte 13th February

Nice weekend. After thoroughly enjoying T2 on Friday night, went for the other end of the movie spectrum on Saturday with Trolls and then Sing, with a ‘fry up’ in the middle and a trip to 2 craft shops. Told myself it was pointless buying any beads, since I’ve still never actually made any jewellery (!), but ooh, they were pretty, and I was in the mood for a wee treat! 🙂 Also managed to get sm’s birthday pressie, which is only a few weeks off so excellent timing. I was more restrained in the card shop, which was quite unlike me 😉


Today and tomorrow are really just the last bits of prep, I guess. I’m sure it’s not going to be as awful as I fear, but still not looking forward to being in pain – well, who would?! Trying to think of nicer things, like a few weeks of quiet to focus on reading and writing, and maybe some zentangle or sketching. Healthier eating, not feeling happy with the indulgence and re-podging of late 😉 In the longer term, figuring out an exercise program I can start with the ‘wounds’ – nothing like medical issues to have you craving health and strength, eh?! – and just generally making better ‘use’ of life. Same old!!

  • reread op prep documents, make sure I have the right times for fasting etc
  • laundry
  • finish clearing futon
  • two packing piles: hospital, sending home
  • reviews – want to catch up on the outstanding and scheduling for the next few weeks (not that this is important in the slightest!):
    • T2
    • Trolls
    • Sing
    • Indite – Writer’s Notebook
  • bath
  • oodles of TV – yeah, I’ll be doing a lot of this soon, but still good to get the box emptier and the Go stuff

Comments on: "calypte 13th February" (2)

  1. Best of luck to you! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will be better than you’re expecting!

  2. Yes, good luck, hope it all goes as painlessly as possible 🙂

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