SL’s FTF, Fri 10th Feb

Feeling a bit better today after some email exchanges with G yesterday where we both avoided the subject of the previous night’s argument! I think that means we have put it behind us. Also, I’ve made plans to go and see the Lego Batman film with a friend tomorrow which should be fun.

My brother and sister in law are coming round this evening which will be nice, although I foolishly also picked today to go to the dentist so have had to get up extra early to get my flat sorted out beforehand. Coffee, please 🙂

  • fix bed
  • ironing
  • clean bathroom
  • hoover
  • dentist
  • send fund statements
  • deal with other work admin
  • stay relaxed (managed to be cheery at work yesterday which made a pleasant change)
  • come home and run around like a headless chicken
  • dinner with D&G

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