calypte 10th February

Pretty fully-booked day today, it seems!

First, groceries – a half-week shop, for weirdness, and stocking up on some things for next week: expecting to have some difficulty swallowing for a while (although mixed reports on this one), so thinking smoothies, milkshakes, jelly, etc. Eeep.

Then tonight’s ‘cinema club’ choice has swung back to T2, after everyone else dismissed it already – weird! Watched the original last night in preparation, and had forgotten just how iconic 90% of the scenes had become. Or maybe just a Scottish thing! Anyway, quite intrigued to see this one – as one of my colleagues pointed out, you don’t get too many coming-of-middle-age movies, at least not non-jokey ones – and we’re both about the same age as the characters. Ooof!

I then agreed to go see K’s preferred choice – overruled for tonight on timing issues – of Sing tomorrow, which has turned into a marathon Trolls-lunch-Sing, and as I’ve invited sm to join us (she was bafflingly keen to see the first one!) there might well be a craft shop visit in the middle. Sounds like a good way to spend the day – and snuffles be damned!

I am starting to get very slightly concerned about them backing off by Wednesday – argh at now being worried I won’t have the surgery o_O Ho-hum!

Anyway, not planning on getting too much done over and above all that, but I do need to remember: audiobooks and kindle sorting!


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