calypte 9th February

I’d been hoping to feel up to heading into Maggies for another of the relaxation session drop-ins, but the snuffles persist – and I don’t think it’s fair to take those into that kind of environment. So, will try for Monday’s one instead.

Could still head out later – nano? – but I suspect this might be another sofa-ish day, and let’s face it: getting shot of the cold is priority number one! Can’t believe it’s lingering this long, despite my efforts. Stress? Hmm.

I am chuffed at getting some stuff done yesterday, regardless: dyed my fringe red again (had I mentioned I bought the purple and blue dyes? :)), removed old nail varnish and repainted – I know I’ll have to take it off pre-surgery, but that’s still six days, so 😛

Also still plotting and planning so many things – always happens when I ‘can’t’ do stuff, the ‘great ideas’ kick in o_O I was mentioning to P about how nice it’s been getting to work in about 15 minutes flat, since I’ve been leaving late to avoid packed buses. And it dawns on me: shifting my working day by 15-20 minutes would give me this when I go back, too. And as a bonus: I’d easily have 30-60 minutes in the morning, regularly, to throw at a ‘me’ project. Hmm! I like this plan!  🙂

A few things to pick away at today anyway, methinks:

  • review Slow Bullets – making good headway on the NetGalley stack, want to keep it up, so also…
  • have a look at the writing workbook pdf – was a bit rubbish on the kindle, pc might be better; start review
  • maybe focus on one track/chapter of the Twin Peaks ost/book, start review on that
  • tidy something in the spare room – ‘creative sanctuary’!
  • mp/sl
  • tesco a/c?
  • watch some more stuff – found a legit free movies website with a film I have fond memories of from childhood, so tempted to ruin them with a rewatch 😉

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  1. Hope you manage to shake that cold off soon. Staying on the sofa seems like an excellent idea! 🙂

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