SL’s FTF, Tues 7th Feb

A rather frustrating day yesterday as P was off sick and chief was very elusive. I need him to give me feedback on my papers and help answer some of my questions – there are so many uncertainties at the moment it’s very difficult to do the budget and cashflow forecast. Hopefully he’ll find time to look at my stuff today… Also my ex-colleague R is coming in today to talk about something, which will be weird. Am slightly annoyed with her too, as she announced she was coming today without even specifying a time! She’s now retired so you would think she could ask when would be a good time for me (i.e. behave like a normal person setting up a meeting), but no, she’s just gone and picked one of the most busy days of the year and is generally behaving very imperiously.

Worried that I am becoming a horrible irritable person 🙂 Thank god I have Z to bitch with at lunchtime!

On with today…

  • prep packed lunch
  • emails with G and ACC about our trip to Burgundy in June 🙂
  • texts with brother about Friday 
  • STLs
  • hopefully talk to chief, update accounts
  • need reply from P about plans for property, crack on with VAT registration for new charity
  • review papers for Z
  • meeting with R
  • meeting with chief, Z and C about new website proposals
  • whatever else I have time for
  • food shopping
  • blog
  • Twin Peaks
  • continue reading Stieg Larsson – am finding it very cosy reading about -15 degree temperatures when I’m nice and warm 🙂

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Tues 7th Feb" (2)

  1. Nah, you’re still a lovely irritable person 😉 LOL! Hope R’s visit wasn’t too disruptive. I’ve noticed a lot of retired people just seem to forget what it’s like, having a schedule.

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