calypte 6th February

Very annoyingly chock-full of the cold, which isn’t exactly how I wanted to spend my penultimate weekend before some enforced bed rest – in bed! o_O Well, at least I got several things shifted off the tivo, I guess?

It is all making me more aware of the urge to try all sorts of new things – was rather disappointed to have to turn down a ticket to the rugby on Saturday, for instance: I’m not a sports fan, but I’ve lived beside Murrayfield for over a decade, might be nice to give it a go once! So, writing down this feeling – try all the new things! – in the hope of remembering it when I’m back on my feet 🙂

Into my last couple of days at work before everything, and must confess I’m here more for the company now 😉 Want to put coding-learning high on my priorities for my recovery period – in fact, I fancy doing a whole set of mini-dailies: writing, coding, doodling… well, we’ll see! And I’ll have to build up the walking again, plus return some focus to healthy eating (I’m getting a twisted kick out of the comment, “eating like my throat’s about to be cut…” hah hah hah! Yeah o_O)

In the meantime: survive work, go home and crash out for the evening, rinse and repeat for tomorrow. And plan something a little more fun for my week off!


Comments on: "calypte 6th February" (2)

  1. Oh gosh, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve got a cold. What wretched timing! Even if you’re not a sports fan, I highly recommend going to a live event. The energy is something that really can’t be imagined or experienced through TV. Well, at least it’s like that in the US, and I can’t see why we’d be any different from other countries in this regard.

  2. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

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