2/6/17 ftf, wren

Well, here I am in Fabulous Las Vegas.  Actually, for us, Las Vegas is more an in-between resting spot rather than a travel destination.  It’s half-way between our home and my mom’s home, so we often break up the trip by stopping here.  Yesterday was a nice day of driving and exploring.  We took the dogs on a not-too-long hike in the red rocks and pink sands of Southern Utah.  It was heavenly to walk on dry ground without need of thermal underwear and heavy overcoat.  I was also pleased to be able to walk a couple miles without too much soreness.  We also visited a lovely desert retirement community, on the off chance that any of us will be able to retire after the current regime is done destroying the American middle class.  Then we arrived in Las Vegas, got Chinese take-out, and watched the Super Bowl, with it’s disappointing ending.

Today we will do the second half of the drive and arrive at my mom’s.  I am not feeling the least bit chatty and hope that will go away before I get to my mom’s.  My mom doesn’t have internet, so I probably won’t be checking in the rest of the week.



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  1. Hope the rest of your trip goes well and that chattiness returns in time!

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