calypte 2nd February

*Finally* got ’round to setting up a February spread for my Bullet Journal – want to resurrect this as a planning/tracking tool, since I’ve not bought the calendar-for-stickers this year. Last use was September, oops! o_O Mixed feelings about doing Feb, as it’s only a few days since I’d had the “Well, at least I get the whole month now!” turned into literally half a month and a big ‘see how I’m doing’ for a bit! o_O (sorry, really should stop going on about this!!).

Anyway, good point from this: I’ve had 5 days weekend/holiday with this on my to do list, and didn’t go near it. Solution? 10 minutes this morning before I headed out to work. I actually had my scarf and coat on, for goodness sake! So, big “perfectionism being the enemy of done?” type event? Probably! Tch at self! 😉

It’s not finished, but I have my title, half-month calendar grid, and first tracking column: meditation. Still to decide what else I want to put in for the month – exercise? Writing or creativity? Hmm. Okay, so maybe not the *best* month for starting this, but still glad I got it started! It’s all a learning curve, after all – try something for Feb, modify for March, rinse and repeat.

Still pretty snuffly today, so plans are very simply to get through the working day and chill out this evening.

  • sort holidays – un-book a couple of days, book for end of next week instead
  • Boots at lunchtime – buy foundation on offer, with voucher(s)
  • make yogurt
  • order yogurt – H&B 20% off discount on top of 4 for 3 plus voucher! Woo!
  • make/eat s&s chicken
  • review, if brain space: Split and Fortress at the End of Time ready to write
  • today’s Insight Timer daily guided meditation is mindful eating, but wondering about leaving that ’til the weekend – do something else instead?
  • bath?
  • finish reading Miranda and Caliban
  • early night!

Comments on: "calypte 2nd February" (2)

  1. Congrats on making headway with your calendar system. I don’t know if this would be of interest to you, but Sharon Salzberg started a free, month-long meditation challenge for the month of February.

  2. I can completely understand your reluctance to embark on ambitious goals when you’re about to have your life disrupted again. Good for you for making a start regardless!

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