2/2/17 ftf, wren

Happy Groundhog Day!  I have a feeling that Groundhog Day is just a North American thing – is that right?  It’s a silly celebration, but I’m very fond of marmots and am always on board to give them a little recognition.

The big two-week post-surgical visit was yesterday, and it did not go at all as expected.  The surgeon explained that a fairly invasive 2.5 cm endometrial cancer was found.  He was shocked by the pathology results, because he’d been certain that there was no cancer.  He was so certain of this that he didn’t take any lymph nodes for analysis.  One thing that I really like about this doctor is that he always explains various treatment options including “do nothing,” so I always feel as if I’m in control.   I decided on the most aggressive approach, which means having a second surgery to remove  some lymph nodes for analysis.  At least that can be done as an outpatient laparoscopic procedure.  Depending on the results, I’ll most likely follow with some combination of chemo and radiation therapy.  He also encouraged me to take another month off from work.  So I’m trying to adjust to all of this news.  I did have a good, long chat with the boss and am feeling more supported by him.  Oh, and the doc also gave me the clear to begin exercising again, so I’m happy about that.

Today’s to do list:

schedule surgery

schedule therapy


download funds

respond to e-mails

p card reallocation

spend an hour on budgeting

30 minutes cardio

30 minutes strength and stretching







Comments on: "2/2/17 ftf, wren" (2)

  1. Oh wren! (((((hugs))))) Doubly good that they caught it when they did! Will be sending loads of good thoughts over the next, challenging, period.

  2. What calypte said! Your doctor does sound very nice, giving you lots of options, and glad the boss is being supportive at last.

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