calypte 31st January

Current plan (if I’m allowed to make these any more before everything changes again!) is to cut my current week off short, and go in to the office – hopefully tomorrow, but alas am rather snuffly today, so will have to see how that goes! I’ll then book the actual week before surgery off, so a 3 day week, weekend, 2 day week, and lots of time to avoid more snuffles and get myself completely organised. Argh!! o_O


  • lunch with dad
  • use coffee bonus points offer
  • buy salad-y stuff: must be uber-healthy for next week or so! 🙂
  • fingers crossed, then fit enough to head to yoga – nope, swerved for hot bath and hoping to feel better tomorrow. Annoyed at missing my ‘last chance’ for yoga for a while, though 😦
  • prep salad for tomorrow
  • maybe prep stir fry veg for tomorrow
  • phone BCN – think it wise to push back next consultant appt, rather than struggle in 2 weeks after op?
  • phone insurer
  • nb yoga nidra meditation on Insight Timer – a pre-sleep one, so haven’t done it yet!
  • early night!

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  1. I can understand your decision to cut your week off short. I’d probably do the same thing. It’s much easier to take medical leave when you know that everything at work is more-or-less under control. 🙂

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