1/29/17 ftf, wren

My main tasks these days are resting and healing, but Calypte’s Sunday post inspired me to post my own update.  The recovery from this surgery is a much bigger deal than anticipated.  I tire easily and am in a fair amount of pain, and it’s difficult to find a comfortable position.  Although my days are mostly spent just laying around, reading, watching tv and dozing, I’m not bored, which is unusual for me. 

I am working a little each day in the glorious Zen Doodles book, and I spend 2-3 hours each day on the computer dong work-related stuff.  Each day, J and I go to the rec center to walk a few laps.  Those things pretty much fill up the whole day.

I hope to finish the novel I’m currently reading (It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis) soon so that I can start on The Goldfinch.

I’m also keeping up on the news and taking political actions, such as sending e-mails and signing petitions.  I keep reading about how a phone call is more effective than an e-mail but find that difficult to believe.  When I worked for a state legislature, there were days when we would receive endless phone calls about specific issues.  The secretaries just answered the phone and made a little check mark on a list, and then we presented our legislators with a final tally at the end of the day.  It seems to me that one can get on a tally list just as effectively with an e-mail as with a phone call.


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  1. Glad you’re taking it easy and hope the pain is under control. I can’t believe what is going on politically over there at the moment. Keep sending your emails!

  2. I’ve always found – and been told – that just the general anaesthetic will wipe you out far longer than you think, but then yes, it was a major op you just had! Keep going easy on yourself, and I’m chuffed to bits that I managed to get such a good recommendation in for you with that Doodles book 🙂

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