calypte 26th january

Two hospital appointments today: been for my annual MRI (and so glad they managed to squeeze me in, as there is no way I could have lain in that position with a neck wound!) so now filling the gap before my endocrine appointment this afternoon. From too much time, wondering now if I’v got enough for the drop-in relaxation session at Maggies and a pizza…!

Should get home sharp after that, so looking forward to a restful evening. Thinking bath and tv and early night. Was up rather late last night after a lovely Burns supper at a friend’s – as the only Scot present I did get landed with reading the Address to the Haggis (!) and realised that may well have been my first Burns supper (!!). Alas, took the wrong advice on a non-usual bus home, and discovered it did not in fact go anywhere near my house, so a nice mile jaunt back in the dark and cold – argh! 😉

Ooh – my wacom tablet arrived!  Haven’t had a moment to plug it in yet, but looking forward to that.

Still hoping for news on a surgery date soon – this afternoon?! – so I can book some time off work. I do seem to be a little snuffly today, so I’m really hoping it’s not next week or I might have to postpone. Been advised to try vitamin C and zinc, so may hit Boots on the way home.


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  1. Hope you are feeling better today! I think it is so cool that Scotland has a holiday to celebrate a poet. Clearly, I am living in the wrong country!

  2. Hope your hospital stuff went all right yesterday. I have a wacom tablet too, it’s what I use to do my drawings in the style of a 3 year old. Great fun, hope you enjoy using yours.

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