SL’s FTF, Wed 25th Jan

I’ve been having a manic time lately trying to get a present for my godson in Sweden in time for his birthday – Amazon delivering a parcel to a mystery non-existent receptionist on Monday didn’t help, nor did the internet providing inaccurate post office opening hours! Will post the parcel this morning, breathe a sigh of relief and keep paws firmly crossed that it gets there in time. After that, today should be pretty quiet at work, I hope – definitely want to achieve some Feats of Productivity.

  • post office
  • STLs
  • finalise questions on new bank account form
  • VAT return – likely to take most of the day
  • food shopping
  • email schoolfriends about meeting up – one of the others was supposed to organise the next meetup last August but didn’t, so it’s about time I attempted to make it happen
  • continue watching Twin Peaks
  • early night as have to get up early tomorrow to help G with Madeira

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Wed 25th Jan" (2)

  1. Amazon are a law unto themselves, geographically. My new graphics tablet was sent from the Edinburgh depot to a Glasgow courier today. Guess where I live?! o_O

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