calypte 24th January

Pre-op assessment went well enough yesterday, I think, although emotionally it was an enormous strain. I still can’t believe this is all real, tbh. Am now in a horrible waiting phase, not knowing if my surgery is next week, or the week after, or even something else. Argh!

Planning is a little tough, then, but at the moment my intention is to finish up at work on Friday, maybe. If I get word that op is after the 6th I’ll be in a few extra days, but plan to have a week off – largely to avoid the risk of catching a cold (sneezing and coughing are NOT happening before a throat surgery!!) but also just ‘cos my brain is entirely not up for work at the moment. Luckily I think I can expect a reasonably quiet day today, and given I was up ’til midnight trying to settle last night… yeah o_O

Yesterday’s leaflet storm has me perhaps anticipating even more pain than I already was. From the surgeon’s “one night”, written info suggests up to 3 – and to be honest, I’d almost rather be in for longer (planning note: take extra distractions, eg buy some magazines, pen and paper?), be in the right place while I figure out what I can eat and get as many non-swallowing painkillers as possible o_O So, started putting together a shopping list for after, mainly involving soup.

Okay, moans over for the day. Got quite the backlog of NetGalley titles to review at the moment, but I still get a happy little buzz every time I get approved for one 🙂 Speeding through Rebel of the Sands at the moment as I was sent the sequel, and it’s been nicely uncomplicated for my fuzzy brain! Today’s ‘win’ was a non-fiction on the soundtrack to Twin Peaks, which appeals on so many levels – here’s hoping it’s good!

Also quite enjoying a phase of self-indulgence. Walked home via the Co-op last night and treated myself to an almond croissant 🙂 Glad this phase won’t last, as nice as it is, I do not want to bloat back up! On non-food treats, I may have almost-impulse bought a small graphics tablet yesterday! Been swithering about this for YEARS: I know I have a terrible habit of buying hobby-stuff I never find time to really use, but… just in that frame of mind, I guess! So you can all ask for doodles once I’ve started recovering, force me to use the thing 😉

I am debating a planned night out on Friday. It’s with the women from my first course at Maggies, and while I do want to keep in touch I’m not sure I’m in the right frame of mind for it. Hmm – need to make a decision!

Overall, life is *not* all awful, I do have some happier thoughts – but this giant mountain of pain and discomfort to get over first. Ack.


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  1. When will you know your surgery date? Will they give you plenty of advance notice, or is it a matter of wait, wait, waiting and then suddenly having to spring into action?

    • wren! How are you?! Glad to see you able to pop on 🙂 I’m hoping to get a phone call tomorrow or the day after letting me know, but so far the only indication I have is that it’s “usually a week or two after the pre-op”. So, could still be last-minutish 😦

  2. This must be a very unsettling time not knowing when the surgery is happening or how long you’ll be out of action. Lots of treats, definitely! 🙂 Coincidentally, I started re-watching Twin Peaks at the weekend and downloaded the soundtrack, which I used to have on vinyl back in the day…. I love the tracks with vocals in particular. Some of the others are a bit spooky!

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