1/24/17 ftf, wren

Hello, FTFers!  Well, here I am, safe and sound after the surgery.

The procedure went well enough, although, most unfortunately, I was not a candidate for a minimally-invasive procedure, which means a significantly longer and more painful recovery period.  Before the surgery, the doc expected to find cancer.  However, no big cancers were observed during the surgery, and he now thinks that if the biopsy shows cancer, it will be very small and follow-up chemo or radiation treatments won’t be necessary.  That is very good news!

The hospital and hospital personnel were quite nice, so I have no complaints.  When they were prepping me for surgery, the nurse had trouble starting an IV, so she brought in another nurse who had this really interesting light that she could sign anywhere on my body, and it would clearly show all of the veins underneath.  This made it loads easier to start the IV, and also she started signing “Soft Kitty” just before she did the poke, so I was laughing and then it was over.  Every place that draws blood should have one of those magic vein lights.

J was a real champ and stayed with me all night at the hospital, leaving every few hours to look after the dogs, who were waiting in the car.  He took them for walks and fed them hamburgers.  I was very insistent about going home the next day and finally convinced the resident to write the discharge orders, so I stayed just one night in the hospital, which is apparently quite uncommon with such an extensive procedure.  Since then I’ve been sleeping a lot and being in pain a lot, also doing a fair amount of reading and working in the Doodle Zen book (thanks for the recommendation, Calypte).  It also has snowed nearly every day, and it’s nice to not have to worry about driving in it it.  It is pleasant enough to watch the snow fall from my upstairs window and keep tabs on the community of mockingbirds who have taken up residence in our blue spruce.

My post-surgery visit is on February 1.  I’ll get the biopsy results and have the surgical staples removed then and should also get a better idea about a return to work date.  J and I are tentatively planning to spend a week in Arizona after that visit, though that will depend on his ability to get the time off from work and my ability to tolerate an hours-long automobile ride.

I started doing a little bit of work yesterday (about two hours) and am thinking that this week I will continue devoting about two hours a day to work stuff.  I’m also hoping to attend a “listening tour” that is being held by the state Democratic party.  I believe the idea is that party officials are meeting with party members to discuss the future of the party.  It seems like a good opportunity to meet some like-minded people and perhaps to get a bit more involved in the political scene.  Maybe J will end up running for office!  I think he would be great at that – not that he’s expressed any interest in doing so.


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  1. It’s a shame you had to have the more extensive surgery, but I’m so glad that it went well and that’s great news about the cancer! And yay for the doodle book 🙂 Keep taking things easy!

  2. Welcome back! That is great news about the cancer. Hope you can attend the Democratic listening tour – there needs to be a strong opposition to the orange one!

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