SL’s FTF, Thurs 19th Jan

I survived the horror of the AGM which wasn’t quite as awful as last year, largely because the bloke chairing it was quite affable and less confrontational than in previous years. I hope the Resistance candidates get elected and think there’s a decent chance that they will be.

Also, the big question mark hanging over us at work was finally settled, which is a relief. The hospital board have now signed a document which means we will be becoming an independent charity in April. Until this document was signed, there was a remote possibility that the charity could be swallowed up by the hospital, which was an unnerving prospect. Now our jobs are safe, hurrah!

Hopefully no drama today, just another peaceful day today getting on with the accounts.

  • STLs 
  • fake PRO accounts as need to give consolidated estimates to hospital
  • crack on with other schedules – funds, cashflow, general funds, grant funding available, commentary
  • listen to Writing Excuses podcast at lunchtime, which I listened to yesterday and was quite fun
  • food shopping
  • finish the Passenger
  • Unforgotten?
  • reading/thinking

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Thurs 19th Jan" (1)

  1. Hurrah for good news! I’ve never managed to get myself into podcasts, but might look at the recommendation.

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