SL’s FTF, Wed 18th Jan

Having a peaceful week so far but this evening is the AGM for my block of flats, which is likely to be unpleasant. The block is managed by a company and the directors are elected by the residents, but the Board have been acting like dictators for the last couple of years, and there’s another group of residents (who I call the Resistance) who have been drawing everyone’s attention to important matters which the Board has neglected e.g. lack of adequate insurance and dodgy payments to staff being made from petty cash. At the last two AGMs the Board tried to shut down any discussion and there was insufficient time for questions but somehow there was enough time for a compulsory coffee break! I hope this year we can finally get rid of some of these awful arrogant people. And it’s all good material…

  • STLs
  • investment fees
  • accruals
  • final checks
  • allocations between funds
  • if I can end the day with the TB balancing, I’ll be happy with that
  • AGM argh
  • come home and recover 



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