calypte 18th January

Second of my random days off, after last Friday, in an attempt at stress management. Very glad I booked it, as the idea of getting through a whole week at work at the moment just feels like too much! I’m almost looking forward to next week’s hospital appointments – pre-op checks, MRI, endocrine base line measurements – just to get them over with and get past this waiting… although that then brings the dreaded surgery closer, so, argh! No, still not coping well with this 😦

Apologies, I don’t mean to moan too much! On the positive side, got a bit spontaneous last night and went to see Moana after work. It was lovely, and just the light-heartedness than I needed 🙂 So main goal of today – always!! – is to be kind to myself, as well as some chores and maybe some long-delayed want-to-dos?

To do:

  • laundry 1
  • laundry 2
  • book hairdresser appointment
  • finish The Bloodline Feud
  • start review on above, and BladeRunner 2
  • general decluttering
  • watch LoT crossover/Flash/Arrow – all due to disappear soon, eeek!
  • consider cancelling PG membership – hmm!
  • bath?
  • hopefully earlier night than I’ve been managing of late!

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  1. I feel for you, having all this stuff hanging over you. Definitely be kind to yourself!

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