SL’s FTF, Mon 16th Jan

Had a nice peaceful weekend, and saw Cate yesterday, which was lovely.

Up bright and early this morning as have a meeting and an interview today and then a huge number of emails to deal with. This always happens when I send out quarterly fund statements – loads of people email back with questions about how to get things paid etc. I dealt with all the easy ones on Friday but the rest ideally need to get dealt with today. Feeling ok about it.

  • STLs
  • prep for meeting with bank manager
  • meeting with bank manager
  • prep for credit controller interview
  • credit controller interview
  • deal with emails
  • make chicken curry
  • continue watching the Passenger on All 4 (French crime drama)
  • continue reading latest Fred Vargas novel (also French crime!)

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Mon 16th Jan" (4)

  1. How is Cate? Gosh, all those people we’ve ‘lost’ from this site o_O

  2. Hasn’t it been about a year since you last visited France? Maybe it’s time for a return trip?!

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