calypte 16th January

An unexpected chance to write a Monday list, as the office is abnormally quiet – boss is working from the other office, and we’ve got several people out sick. Fingers crossed I can avoid it – thinking a cough is the *last* thing I need right before throat surgery o_O

Talking of, if you’re reading wren, sending you a million good wishes for tomorrow! Hope you’re calm today, too, as I know exactly how stressful the pre-period is, too.

I ended up having a minor (ie emotional, but not physically incapacitating) anxiety attack this morning. Was up far, far too early to go for a once-every-three-years (ahem ;)) check up with the nurse (figured it was better to get it over with this side of things!!), and had stupidly taken the first appointment. There was something about getting up for that and getting ready in the dark and eerie quiet that just triggered memories/ upcoming expectations of heading into hospital for surgery. Brain was going, “well, you won’t need to leave time to put contact lenses in, or make up on” – argh! So, very very glad to get in to a quiet day! o_O

Also reminds me that I need to make a list of stuff to take into hospital, and another of things to send home for the recovery period. Oh, eck 😦 I’m suddenly feeling very unprepared for all of this!

Anyway, had a good weekend. Took Friday off, and got to the cinema to see Assassin’s Creed (not good, but fun) and La La Land (good, but not as fun as I’d expected – actually turns unexpectedly quite serious partway in). The rest of the time was a mix of very lazy – catching up on TV and reading – and pottering away at housework/chores. Big ‘win’: konmari’d my pjs drawer, and it looks so neat! Almost felt normal for a bit 🙂

Think I’ll be skipping tai chi tonight – not been in ages, and seems daft to go for one then miss next week then not even know what’s going on after that. It might be nice to use as ‘recovery’ again, after everything – back where I started with it, in fact!

Otherwise, my ‘to do’ list remains decluttering, catching up on TV, writing reviews and other blog posts, and otherwise being nice to myself. Who knows, after 3 days managing to avoid it, I might even get something creative done this week! 🙂


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  1. Thanks for your warm thoughts, and I am sending the same to you. I’m sorry you were stricken with anxiety this morning and hope that the rest of the day is easier.

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