calypte 6th January

Trying to get out of the headspace of permanently chasing my tail – too much to do, too little time. It’s not really true, just perception of the moment. Doesn’t help that, like Wren, I feel in a bit of a holding pattern waiting for surgery, and while I know that it’s likely to be within a fortnight of my pre-op check on the 23rd, that still leaves enough uncertainty to make planning much really hard.

Anyway, in the meantime I started the 365 Days meditation goal on Insight Timer, which is going well, and also the twitter/FB ‘a dance a day’ which is fun. My daily walk idea lasted 2 days before I was too achy last night to do anything beyond the usual to/from buses! Oh well – it’s not a giving up!

Skipping the late cinema choice tonight – fancy the film, but not getting home after 11pm, even on a Friday! Still debating if I want to take myself to something a little earlier in the evening, or go home and crash on the sofa! Might get a chance to see something tomorrow, as I’m meeting an old school friend for the first time in… hmm, 18 months? 2 years? Longer?! Eeep! She knows nothing of my past year’s woes, so might be a little bit of an awkward conversation?

I’ve decided to book myself a couple of days holiday this side of surgery – I have a LOT ‘saved up’ from last year’s absence – so I can enjoy myself a little before I’m sore and etc. Gawd, I am dreading this!! o_O So some fun days sound perfect!

To do list – for near future, not necessarily tonight:

  • make up mind re cinema
  • set up BuJo for January, argh!! So far planning on using this in lieu of last year’s calendar system (since I haven’t bought a calendar yet!) so time to get set up already!
  • sort eBooks
  • phone insurer, see what’s available via them (Mon am at latest!)
  • use cheese

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  1. I think the pre-surgery holidays are a great idea, Calypte! I’ve just started thinking about what I can do for myself as a little cheering up gift, too. It’s too bad that we live across the Atlantic from each other. If we were in closer proximity, we could have a surgery buddy play date. 🙂

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