T’s 4th January

These days have been a bit too social, with my chatty parents and some relatives dropping by for me to be able to get good focus and work done. Will try again today, or quickly decide to move to worktown sooner than planned. Anyway, it’s a big relief to see my parents both so fit and healthy. We are now well beyond any bickering phase and being with them is a real gift, if only I wasn’t so pressed for time!

So here is my new system for this year (or this month, or just this week, still testing it):

S(ocialize): parents, uncle

P(ublications): write 2 hours at least: work on PaperHumanitas (re-read draft, salvage the worthy points, expand outline); highlight Conti passages that need checking at the library; fill plan for next writing projects, complete with what’s next actions for each one of them

A (“allenarsi”=work out): bike ride with uncle and father, to visit my granma birth place

D (“dormire”=sleep): at least 7 hours

E (healthy Eating): no sugar and no processed food [till I am staying at my mother, this comes super easy)

These are the most important things I decided to daily monitor. Besides that there are of course a bunch of chores that don’t fit anywhere:

  • emails(Michelle, Monica, … who else?)
  • check toggl app
  • go on reading Small move big change
  • digit NYresolutions 2017 for husband and me (we have NYR for us as individuals and for us as a couple, as we spend quite a bit of time in different towns, it makes sense)
  • plan rest of the week and decide whether I stay or I go



Comments on: "T’s 4th January" (2)

  1. I like your system and will be interested to hear if it works for you. All of the professors at my work have a terrible time getting to writing, and nearly all of them never manage to do it, so I can see how including two hours of writing time a week for writing could be helpful.

  2. SPADE, I like it!

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