calypte 3rd January

Happy New Year, everyone!

I’ve always thought January was a daft time to be starting this ‘fresh page’ feel, with it being cold and dark and the traditions of the season meaning you can easily lose a couple of days – as I’ve just done! Had a surprisingly nice few days with the step siblings, but it did mean we were all up to 3am two nights in a row, so I got back home yesterday absolutely exhausted. Thankfully today is a bank hol in Scotland (in lieu of the 2nd, which was taken in lieu of the 1st o_O – no wonder I have no idea what day of the week it is!) so time to reflect, plan a little, and also a final day of rest and recuperation!

While not a massive fan of NY resolutions, I’ve seen tempting goals out there, like the 100 Days of Code (basically, code every day for 100 days – which sounds great until you see the first ‘rule’: code for an hour a day – who has that time!? o_O) and R.E.D. (Run Every Day) January (I’m not there in terms of fitness, and even if I take it to ‘W(alk)ED’ I know fine and well the weather will put me off!), I’m still working out my priorities and what’s realistic. I will put out a recommendation for the 365 Days challenge with Insight Timer, the meditation app I’m using – not following it ‘officially’ (see above re missing the first 2 days of Jan for anything!!), but I try to meditate every day anyway, and having looked at this it seems a nice slow build up to get people into meditation: started with 1 min on Jan 1st, etc.

Anyway. 2017! Obviously first hurdle is yet more surgery, argh! Have my appointment for my pre-op check, on the 23rd, and apparently the actual op is within a week or two of that, usually. I’m still overflowing with questions, and have an appointment on Monday next to chat through some of them, plus another counselling session on the Tuesday. Work is going to have to get used to me not being around too much – thank goodness they are being okay with that!

Another suggested approach to new years is the one word slogan. I think mine for this year – at least the start of it – might be ‘Positivity’. Surgery is never a pleasant thought, but as it has to happen then we can but deal and try to stay as upbeat about everything else as possible.

And finally, on to today! Torn between wanting to be lazy and rest, and being organised and walking up to the supermarket for some supplies. Hmm. The weather might decide that!

  • stop being a lazy cow and walk to Sainsburys!
  • make turkey curry (yes, another one! ;))
  • prep salad for tomorrow’s lunch
  • laundry
  • handwash delicates
  • set up Bullet Journal for January
  • start new gratitude/achievements journal – can I tweak the format from last year, make it more useful?
  • maybe a review of the year, focusing on the good bits?
  • watch something
  • bath
  • early night and remember to set alarm!

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  1. “Positivity” is a great slogan for 2017! Hope you enjoyed your extra day off 🙂

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