T’s 2nd January

Hi guys! Happy new year to you all! I survived the festivities and feel all cheerful and happy to be back to deal with work. Not that I am really back to work. I am working from hometown, and currently at my parents. It feels so blissfully peaceful. I’ll be back to worktown around the 11th I guess, but have a lot to do before that date, and even one deadline, so, plenty to do and can’t wait to get started. I have a new system (invented by me) that I want to try out and always feel elated by opening the new year planner!

Today I’ve planned the day on paper, and I’m not going to copy everything here. (I still have to figure out how to merge the updating here with my paper based system… will do that later on).


ETA: You know I love New Year’s resolutions, and am actually quite good at keeping them. Usually they are about something I love to do (so no shoulds and no chores figure on my NYR list) and I wouldn’t find time for. This book was brought to my attention as being a valid tool for conquering difficult goals, maybe you are interested in it as well.


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  1. Great to see you enjoying that New Year feeling, T! New year, new stationery 🙂

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