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1/31/17 ftf, wren

I have a bit more work stuff today than in days past, starting with reviewing a contract, then participating in a conference call, and processing payroll.  That should be enough for one day,  but if I’m seized with an unquenchable desire to do more, I can always do some more budgeting.  🙂

The biopsy report from my surgery was e-mailed to me this morning.  It looks like it’s a phase 2 carcinoma.  I’m meeting with the surgeon tomorrow and am expecting that he’s going to recommend radiation and/or chemo therapy.  Darn it.  I thought I was going to skate by with a precancer or phase 1.

Anyway, aside from the work stuff, I should do some more walking at the rec center, and I also want to devote a good bit of time to reading.  I finally started The Goldfinch and think it’s going to be a good one.

calypte 31st January

Current plan (if I’m allowed to make these any more before everything changes again!) is to cut my current week off short, and go in to the office – hopefully tomorrow, but alas am rather snuffly today, so will have to see how that goes! I’ll then book the actual week before surgery off, so a 3 day week, weekend, 2 day week, and lots of time to avoid more snuffles and get myself completely organised. Argh!! o_O


  • lunch with dad
  • use coffee bonus points offer
  • buy salad-y stuff: must be uber-healthy for next week or so! 🙂
  • fingers crossed, then fit enough to head to yoga – nope, swerved for hot bath and hoping to feel better tomorrow. Annoyed at missing my ‘last chance’ for yoga for a while, though 😦
  • prep salad for tomorrow
  • maybe prep stir fry veg for tomorrow
  • phone BCN – think it wise to push back next consultant appt, rather than struggle in 2 weeks after op?
  • phone insurer
  • nb yoga nidra meditation on Insight Timer – a pre-sleep one, so haven’t done it yet!
  • early night!

SL’s FTF, Tues 31st Jan

Enjoying being at my new desk, it’s much easier to concentrate there. I should be achieving loads of Feats of Productivity in future! But today, first, the dentist, which has been put off long enough.

  • ironing
  • dentist
  • STLs
  • finish setting up stuff for newbie and email everyone
  • set up new fund for someone who is now hassling
  • cashflow + talk to chief
  • budget
  • commentary
  • call travel co – Mum and I are planning a trip to Italy at the end of Sept 🙂
  • food shopping
  • email AM about wine
  • month end financial review
  • carry on watching Twin Peaks
  • continue reading Long Way… enjoying it just as much second time round

calypte 30th Jan

Well, I really don’t know if I’m coming or going at the moment – after Friday’s news that it’d be “end of March or April”, just had a phone call booking me in for February 15th! o_O On balance, this is good news: it’s a fixed date, so no more wondering, and it’s far enough away to give me time to enjoy my week off and get some prep done. Brain still reeling a bit from the jump from ‘any time now’, to ‘2 months away’, to ‘2 weeks’! Had really only just got my expectations shifted from Friday, with (nice?!) plans for the longer gap, so need to de-program those and take comfort in the fact that it’ll at least all be over a bit quicker o_O

In the meantime, planning another quiet day of relaxation – had half-thought it’d be lazy day yesterday, into the mega-doing today, but hey – whole week off! Plus I can still potter about, and there’s no real need to go out in the cold 😉

So, along with the general ‘projects’ mentioned yesterday, I’d like today to include:

  • meditation and more meditation
  • reviews: Split and Rebel of the Sands
  • roast chicken dinner – healthy AND indulgent! 🙂
  • Habitica blog post
  • BuJo!

1/30/17 ftf, wren

I don’t have a lot of to-dos today, but J will be back to work, so it feels as if I should have at least a little structure.  My plan is to read and nap, devote about two hours to work stuff (I’m actually making good progress on the annual budget), and do some walking at the rec center.

What’s the press over the pond saying about Teresa May’s meeting with the big Cheeto?  Lots of eyebrows are being raised over here about how they held hands when walking out of the meeting.  I think she was probably glad to at know the whereabouts of his hands…

I’m also curious to know if there’s any discussion about Putin being behind the Brexit movement?

SL’s FTF, Mon 30th Jan

A flurry of activity since Thursday – the Madeira dinner went well, but I wasn’t exactly 100% on Friday so it was just as well I had the day off! I went home to see my mother on Saturday and we watched Florence Foster Jenkins in the evening which we enjoyed. Came back to London yesterday and had G and D round for dinner last night which was convivial and included an amazing bottle of 1969 Californian cabernet sauvignon from D’s cellar.

Also on Thursday evening I moved desks at last, so today I’ll be at my new desk, slightly out of the way. I’m hoping it will be more peaceful and I’ll get lots done! We shall see…

  • clear up some carnage
  • STLs
  • deal with emails from Friday/weekend
  • set up newbie on IT systems (she doesn’t come till Wed, but want to get this done ahead of time)
  • ask P&P about cashflow
  • clear up more carnage
  • catch up on Homeland
  • early night

1/29/17 ftf, wren

My main tasks these days are resting and healing, but Calypte’s Sunday post inspired me to post my own update.  The recovery from this surgery is a much bigger deal than anticipated.  I tire easily and am in a fair amount of pain, and it’s difficult to find a comfortable position.  Although my days are mostly spent just laying around, reading, watching tv and dozing, I’m not bored, which is unusual for me. 

I am working a little each day in the glorious Zen Doodles book, and I spend 2-3 hours each day on the computer dong work-related stuff.  Each day, J and I go to the rec center to walk a few laps.  Those things pretty much fill up the whole day.

I hope to finish the novel I’m currently reading (It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis) soon so that I can start on The Goldfinch.

I’m also keeping up on the news and taking political actions, such as sending e-mails and signing petitions.  I keep reading about how a phone call is more effective than an e-mail but find that difficult to believe.  When I worked for a state legislature, there were days when we would receive endless phone calls about specific issues.  The secretaries just answered the phone and made a little check mark on a list, and then we presented our legislators with a final tally at the end of the day.  It seems to me that one can get on a tally list just as effectively with an e-mail as with a phone call.