12/30/16 ftf, wren

Today is the first of four days off from work.  The doctor phoned me last night with the biopsy results from last week’s surgery.  The biopsy showed something called “complex hyperplasia with atypia,” which has a 25-50% percent change of becoming cancerous.  25-50% percent is considered high  The recommended treatment is a full hysterectomy.  Sometimes the hysterectomy will reveal actual cancer, in which case there might be some additional treatments, such as chemo.  Well, I’m glad that I took the abnormal bleeding seriously and soldiered through all those unpleasant tests.

Anyway, it’s time for me to start adjusting and preparing.  Preparing means finding the best treatment options, getting things in order at work, getting things in order at home, and planning for a recovery period.  I want to have the minimally invasive hysterectomy because the hospital time and the recovery time are way shorter than with a traditional hysterectomy.  There are no surgeons where I live who do this type of surgery, but there probably are in the nearest city.  My mom has an excellent surgeon who did this procedure for her, so going to Arizona for the surgery would be an option…but would that be emotionally too difficult?  Speaking of emotional stuff, I am terrified of staying overnight in a hospital.  I guess that coming to terms with that should be part of my preparation.  Anyway, here’s my Friday to do list:

Snow hike with dogs


phone Peter

deep clean one room in the house

tidy up whole house

strength training

read and soak

water plants

start lists!

work on my Simple Plan for the New Year


load up iPod

work on Bradshaw


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  1. Aw, wren! Mixed bag of news there – I mean, glad it’s nothing worse, but always ‘argh’ for surgery. Do you have any dates yet?

    • No dates yet, although I imagine the surgery will happen in January. My doc phoned me after hours, and all the doctor offices will be closed until Tuesday because of the holiday. I expect I’ll meet with the surgeon next week or maybe the week after.

      • That’s pretty quick! Mine’s looking like February, so perhaps we can be surgery buddies! 😉 The thought of staying in hospital doesn’t really bother me much, I’m more worried about the scar and looking after when I go home. Between us, we’ll cope! ((((hugs))))

      • That’s it – we’ll be surgery buddies! 🙂 I might be wrong about the time frame but am assuming it’s something they would not want to delay. I hope to know more next week!

  2. Gosh, that’s big scary news but you seem to be handling it very well. The minimally invasive procedure sounds very good if you can get it and presumably would mean less time staying in hospital?

    • Yes, that’s right about the hospital stay. I’ve read that in some cases women can even go home the same day of the surgery, with no overnight hospital stay. I’m hoping to get that arrangement!

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