12/28/16 ftf, wren

I believe all the other ftf-ers are enjoying their holidays, so this may be writing to myself, but it still helps to have my list.  I’ve had a lingering cold since before Christmas, and my holidays were mainly about resting up.  Today and tomorrow I’ll be going in to work, hence the list.  It should be extremely quiet in the office, so my plan is to just quietly go about with accomplishments while drinking lots of tea.



happy dog time!


work day



meet with boys

uTRAC workshop

finish small stack o’paperwork

January calendar

call again about Workers Comp

call Steph

contact DF about next report

start Suven uTRAC

Draft of Outreach Plan

submit Research Misconduct Report (after 1/1/17)

fraud, waste & abuse training (due 3/31/17)

start-up cost SOP

get PAMS credit card

complete first RATS class

investigate possible classes for PAMS

after work



Comments on: "12/28/16 ftf, wren" (2)

  1. Hope the cold is clearing, and that you were able to have a lovely quiet and productive day!

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