calypte 23rd December

List to keep me right with the last-minute-kinda chores! These are the things I reckon I ‘need’ to get done before heading home tomorrow afternoon:

  • emergency buying of marzipan! (the stuff in the cupboard was, urm… yeah o_O)
  • get free batteries offer while I’m out
  • lunch w/T
  • cut out marzipan stars
  • dip those and boozy fruits in choc
  • wrap sm’s top/chocs
  • could make a start on wrapping ss’s ones
  • finish detrolling / maybe paint nails
  • use up rest of sf veg (dinner)
  • finish the soup (lunch)
  • buy TtR pc version in the steam sale 🙂
  • watch Arrow before it disappears – argh!
  • dishes
  • road tax – before the end of the year
  • PACK! – don’t forget tablets, contact lenses, nightwear, makeup, laptop, champagne (!), paper and pens, zentangle ‘kit’, and PRESENTS! 🙂
  • box up boozy fruits
  • brekkie dishes

And never did quite get to the cards… worth trying this evening/tomorrow morning, or give up now?! o_O

Early Christmas in that half my kindle wishlist just hit 99p/£1.99 so may have just bought enough books to see me through a post-surgery convalescence (because I didn’t have tons already ;)). Particularly chuffed with the rest of the Rivers of London series, which I’d been eyeing up, and As You Wish, the Princess Bride behind-the-scenes book.

And yes, surgery. Trying to get my head around the fact that it IS happening, it’s just the extent and details to get sorted. This is not a happy thought, although I don’t know why this in particular is freaking me out so much or so hard to grasp the reality of, given things I’ve already survived. Anyway, trying to get my brain to stop whirring over it by reminding myself that as of – oh, about right now – there is absolutely nothing I can do/organise/chase/whatever until January, so I might as well chill out and enjoy the festivities.

Wishing you all a very happy and relaxing time of it!


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  1. Hope you can put the thoughts of surgery out of the way for the time being, and have a great Xmas! 🙂

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