calypte 22nd December

Aren’t we all busy little bees so close to Christmas? 🙂

The weather here is dreadful, so I’m declaring this a ‘stay indoors’ day – although oddly, I’ve never felt more keen to go to the gym, sweat off some of my stress and frustration. Can’t decide if it’s a really good idea to get as much exercise in this side of surgery, or a bit pointless to start something I’ll have to stop. Urgh.

In the meantime, lots of little mainly fun things for me to get to today:


  • cards!
  • wrapping – start w/the folks as the steps can wait ’til next week if it comes to it
  • dip T’s boozy fruits 🙂


  • make soup
  • meal plan – ended up ‘impulse buying’ (ie soup pack for 24p, tenderstem broccoli, and a bag of kale – ‘impulse’ is a relative term ;)) a ton in Sainsbo yesterday, and have very few days to use rather a lot
  • dishes
  • laundry – enough for a load?
  • detroll
  • remove nailvarnish
  • konmari folding


  • watch Flash/Arrow before they disappear
  • something else off the box?
  • review something – 3x books now, plus backlog

Plan I guess is to get prepared for going home for Christmas, enjoy that, and use the quiet time for some end of year planning, etc. I’m not expecting much joy from a review-of-year, tbh, but I can do the books/movies round up on LFS – generated a lot of blog visits last year. My planning for next year is likewise tinged with bleh, but even laid up after surgery I can be doing things like getting back into a writing routine, zentangling, etc.


Comments on: "calypte 22nd December" (3)

  1. 2016 has kind of been the pits, that’s for sure!

  2. I always love it when I read: make soup among your goals! Well, the review of the year ought to be limited only to what was in our ability to control. From this point of view, you did great, facing every odd ball with strength!

    • Hurrah for soup! I make a lot of it 🙂

      And yes, you’re right: it’s been a horrible year (and sadly worse for not ending with improvement!) but there’s stuff you just can’t control – only survive.

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