T’s 21st Dec

Busy day, scattered brain, endless list of thing to do before leaving… and, right, feeling overwhelmed. It helps a bit that the weather is gorgeous, bright, luminous sky, very mild temperature (10 °C). And that I am looking forward to closing this year in a good way and starting the new year with a lot of projects and plans and the lovely feeling of a clean slate!

  • lesson MPhil
  • lesson FilMor
  • office hours
  • revise paper
  • tackle immense list of tasks
  • clean and order flat!
  • go and try the gorgeous mermaid dress with the prospect of wearing it for Newyear’s Eve?
  • start to plan what to bring to hometown (pack suitcases)
  • I need an early night, the last 3 nights have been pretty horrible

Comments on: "T’s 21st Dec" (3)

  1. Are you getting ready to go home for the entire holiday season (until the first of the year)?

    • until the 11th of January, when I will be back to uni and to teaching, we are on holidays till then. And I need each of these days to recover! but yeah, I’ll take some work with me as well.

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