SL’s FTF, Wed 21st Dec

Well, yesterday’s party was fun! For the boat trip they were selling tickets in groups of 10 so I’d envisaged that we’d be on one big table, but actually the boat was laid out in tables of 4, so we spread across three tables. There was a cabaret singer doing cheesy Xmas songs and some of the gang got up and danced (not me!) along with some grannies from the other groups. Then karaoke turned out to be fine – I was glad I’d done some homework beforehand so that we had a good mix of songs and made a note of which ones went down particularly well so if we ever do it again…

Three more days of work now, and definitely a sense of winding down but it would be so nice to nail most of the things on the list first.

  • STLs
  • file accounts with Charity Commission – yesterday their website kept crashing, which was very frustrating. I hope it’s working today!
  • talk to chief
  • deal with invoices, email Joel
  • deal with any emails from yesterday
  • deal with irritating request from Association
  • maybe look into a Thorny Problem / Ongoing Saga?
  • food shopping
  • need to start packing
  • catch up on Humans

Comments on: "SL’s FTF, Wed 21st Dec" (1)

  1. That’s sounds like a memorable holiday party. I’ll bet that everyone appreciated it. I wish our group was small enough to do something fun like that!

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