calypte 21st December

Hi guys. Thanks for the supportive messages, and sorry to leave you all hanging!

Monday was fine, but not exactly illuminating. I left just as confused, if not more so, and a bit angry, tbh. So, not been a great couple of days. Thankfully today’s chat with the lovely, lovely Maggie’s people has assured me that I’m not just being… something. I’m really unsure of where the decisions are coming from, and that’s no basis for agreeing to surgery.

Ultimately, I think the surgery *is* going to happen (and could be as early as February) as my parathyroid hormone levels are crazy high and that’s not just going to go away, but I’m going to ask for another appointment to talk things over with someone first, just to calm all of my doubts and let me be able to trust these people before they cut my throat o_O



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  1. Well, I’m glad you updated us, because I found myself often thinking of you and wondering what the news were. It’s important that all your questions are answered before you agree to surgery, so that you can have as much peace of mind as possible. I hope you find ways to keep your mind off the worrying, I’m going to keep you in my thoughts!

  2. Yes, thanks for the update! That all sounds quite weird. Good plan to have another chat with someone first.

  3. I’m sorry that the doctor visit was confusing. Is this the type of doc who just wants to tell you what to do or not do next without offering any explanations? I’ve dealt with my share of thyroid issues and can relate to being frustrated with obtuse doctors, as well as the many symptoms that messed up hormones can cause. I hope you get answers very soon!

    • I get the impression more that they’re not entirely sure on the fine details, and are almost fobbing me off a bit – if ultimately I need the surgery regardless, then does it matter? Hmm. I get that there’s a large amount of uncertainty with some medical issues, but… yeah, well! Also, I think the whole nodule-on-the-thyroid is being used to overshadow the real issue, the parathyroids. Totally separate.

      Thank you!

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