calypte 19th December

Trying to distract myself before it’s time to head off to the hospital. Urgh. To be honest, if it’s reached the point where I’m talking to surgeons I’m guessing the surgery is vaguely inevitable, but… I dunno. I need to know that it *is* necessary, and not ‘just in case’. At least I’ll know more after this afternoon, and at the end of the day, it is not the end of the world.

And, stuff still needs to get done.

  • library return, since it’s right beside the bus stop?
  • hospital appt
  • M&S collect
  • Debenhams return
  • maybe JL cake/coffee voucher, if I’m feeling up to it – post-hospital treat?
  • can I find box for boozy fruits?
  • dip K’s boozy fruits in choc
  • K/E’s pressies need wrapped for tomorrow, so tonight or tomorrow
  • any other wrapping, that can get sent home early
  • cards!! Argh!
  • keep clearing tivo box!

I was pretty chuffed with yesterday’s productivity – not everything off the list, but a few things that weren’t, and all good to get done.


Comments on: "calypte 19th December" (4)

  1. Keeping my fingers crossed and thinking of you this afternoon!

  2. How did it go in the end? Thinking of you.

  3. Yes, what did the doc have to say?

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